Friday the 15th

I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the longest weeks I have experienced in a long time! I feel like everything is out of control. My kids, my house, even time itself. I keep reminding myself that things can only get better. Monday was not so terrible. In fact, it was probably the best day this week. My daughter had a good day at school, and everything else just was. Tuesday and Wednesday were a little different, because she was off school due to no heat. My first thought, “I get to sleep in!” My kids, “Yeah right!” Of course they were up early and ready to play. Wednesday I got some much needed alone time because their dad took them for a few hours. Yeah, just a few hours. Much to my surprise, my whole day was flushed down the drain. As a network marketer, the internet is essential to my business. Facebook and Instagram had different ideas that day. I watched my feeds change as others were able to post, but not me. My frustration grew, but again, I reminded myself that it would be ok. Thursday my daughter was back at school, which meant only my toddler was with me. We hung out like normal, which was nice and peaceful. I was so excited because I had a call with a prospect, and even though she seemed very interested, it was not quite what she was looking for. Of course this brought frustration, but I just have to push forward. Later Thursday night I got a terrible migraine. That brings me to today. Friday the 15th. Still in a little pain and recovering from yesterday, it just seemed like everything was going wrong. Nothing was on time. I kept dropping everything. Frustration took over, but I took another deep breath. I am moving into the weekend with positivity. The day is only as bad as we make it. Things may fall apart. Things may not go our way, but if we do not keep moving, where would we be?

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