I see other mamas everyday talking about how they are stressed or sad. Maybe even unhappy with their life. I get that! I am a mother of two little girls, ages 2 and 5. We live in a very small space, and they have LOTS of toys and things. So, naturally, there is always a mess! To make matters worse, I am constantly looking for my keys or other things because my two year old has decided it is funny to steal things and hide them. Many times she forgets where she puts them. So on top of looking for these items and chasing her around the house, I have other duties. Driving my daughter to and from school, Cooking, laundry, my business, school, trying to maintain relationships, and somewhere in there I need to find time with my kids and myself!

There is no doubt that it is stressful. There are weeks that I will do the laundry, and not fold it, and I am nowhere near ashamed. As soon as I put a load away, another one needs to be washed. It is not always worth my time and energy. The dishes get done, but not always. Whatever is not finished will still be there tomorrow, when I may have time to work on it.

My time is precious, and my kids even more. We spend too much time worrying about things and keeping a perfect house. For me, I choose to focus my energy where I believe it needs to be at that moment. Do not ever feel like you are not enough. Not folding the clothes or not washing the dishes does not make you a bad mom. Hold your head up and be strong. Motherhood is hard, but worth every step.

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